Zakaryan v. Men's Wearhouse (Cal. Ct. App. – March 28, 2019)

I've seen their commercials for years.  "You're going to like the way you look.  I guarantee it."I've always known the store as the Men's Warehouse.  Clothing for men.  Suits, mostly.  Hence the Men's, and in (ostensibly) a "Warehouse" setting (implying, as some of its ads do, that the stores sell suits at a discount).But Justice Hoffstadt's opinion earlier today briefly refers to the store as having a "homophonic name."  Really?!  How's it homophonic?  (Which means it sounds the same as a different word.)Only then did I realize that, all these years, I've never recognized the actual name of the place.  It's actually called the Men's Wearhouse.  For stuff you wear.Oh, I get it now.

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