YouTube, Facebook put up ad roadblocks for Weedcraft, Inc. business sim

Enlarge / A scene from a grow room in Weedcraft, Inc., where you can become "Lord of Canabusiness" Online social and video networks have taken action to limit discussion of Weedcraft, Inc., a new simulation game focused on building a business empire to sell the drug. Videos of the game have been demonetized on YouTube and the game's Facebook page has been restricted to prevent ad sales, according to a representative for publisher Devolver Digital. Weedcraft Inc., launching today on Steam and GOG, includes Tycoon-style business-growing scenarios that focus on both the legal and illegal sides of the marijuana trade during what developer Vile Monarch calls the "semi prohibition-era" for the drug. Situations where you have to conceal grow rooms from cops exist in the game alongside legitimate lobbying efforts to legalize the drug in more jurisdictions through two distinct story scenarios. Despite the nuanced and decidedly artistic take on the drug war,…

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