Your Small Business is STILL Like Professional Wrestling

Wrestlemania was this past weekend, and Linda McMahon is rumored to be stepping down as the head of the Small Business Administration.  I have a rule that when those two things happen in the same week, it is time to link back to my favorite blog post: How Your Small Business is Like Professional Wrestling. My son and I are still watching wrestling.  And there are even more lessons you can learn from wrestling.  Here are more to add to the list: If Your Business is Successful, You WILL Have Competitors For years, WWE has been the biggest and richest wrestling company.  But today, competitors are showing up to challenge.  A new promotion, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) sold over 14,000 tickets for a show in Las Vegas in under 30 minutes.  It is putting together a TV deal and could soon challenge the soon-to-be former SBA Administrator’s company.  You need to realize that there will always be competition for your spot in the market. Never…

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