Your Familys Financial Plan: Are You Prepared in Case of a Family Catastrophe? (Preview)

I am pleased to announce that my blog is now the exclusive online home for a new series, “Your Family’s Financial Plan:  Are You Prepared in Case of a Family Catastrophe?” by Aimee Waite, a Financial Advisor with Raymond James & Associates.  I am thrilled to have Aimee as one of our guest authors, and I look forward to bringing this series to you over the next several months.  Here is a preview of this interesting new series:

This four part series will be posted on a monthly basis, beginning tomorrow, and it will cover several topics every man and woman should know about their financial plan. The series will include:

  1. What you should know about your family’s financial plan in case of a family catastrophe and how to prepare now.  (February)
  2. Changes to be made to your financial plan if you get divorced and how to figure your expenses and income as a newly single person.  (March)
  3. What to do if your spouse, who is responsible for the family finances, is unwilling to discuss specifics and answer your questions.  (April)
  4. How a qualified financial advisor, as well as other professionals, can assist you during these difficult times.  (May)

In today’s volatile economy, it is important for everyone to have a solid financial plan to rely upon, and it’s equally important, in case of family catastrophe such as death or divorce, that all family members are included in the planning process and are well educated about the family’s financial resources and investments. Unfortunately, many women, and even men, leave this important task to their spouse or other loved ones, which means they may be left in the dark when faced with the challenges of continuing on their own. We never know what lies ahead, so it is imperative to plan for the future today.

This information is provided by Aimee Waite, Financial Advisor, with Raymond James & Associates, 101 W. Broad Street, Greenville, SC 29601. If you would like to contact Aimee in regards to your financial planning, you can reach her at 1-800-922-2364 or

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