You made a mistake! Do you have an ethical duty to tell the client?

Everyone makes mistakes. Some are minor errors like a typo. Some are more significant and can jeopardize your client’s case. The question arises as to what duty a lawyer has to tell the client they made a mistake. Consider the following scenario. Scroll all the way down for the answer. Fred Wheels was involved in a car accident and he met with Attorney Alan to discuss bringing a suit to recover his medical expenses and the damage to his car. Attorney Alan reviewed the case after gathering all of the requisite documents and made an assessment that Fred Wheels could recover at least $75,000. He told Fred Wheels that he would take his case on a contingency fee basis. Fred Wheels signed the contingency fee agreement and waited anxiously to receive his money.  Attorney Alan told Fred it would take at least a year before he could receive any recovery. About 9 months went by, and Fred Wheels could not contain his anxiety. He called Attorney Alan and left him a message.…

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