XIX World Congress of Criminology Set to Unite Experts from around the World

Background On October 27, 2019, the 19th World Congress of Criminology will commence in Doha, Qatar. The Congress, which will run from October 27-31, will gather academics, researchers, professionals, and policy makers to consider relevant, contemporary issues in crime and criminology. Since its inaugural event in 1938 in Rome, Congresses have been held throughout the world, visiting cities including Rio de Janeiro (2003), Barcelona (2008), and New Delhi (2016). Sponsors and Supporters This year’s event in Doha symbolizes the truly global reach of the Congress, as well as of those sponsoring and supporting it. The group that plays the largest role in organizing the Congress – and has since its commencement – is the International Society for Criminology (ISC). Founded in 1937, the ISC strives to support activities and research aimed at fostering a better understanding of the crime phenomenon on a global scale. It also works to translate research into policy…

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