Wrongful Death Lawsuits Involving New York Police Officers

If a member of your immediate family dies as the result of misconduct by a police officer or corrections officer, you may be able to entitled to compensation for your loss. In order to win a wrongful death lawsuit against the city or state that employed the officer, you must: Be a relative of the decedent who suffered financial loss as a result of the death. Qualifying relatives are those who would normally inherit from the decedent: their children, spouse, parents, and/or siblings. Show that the death was the direct result of actions that qualify as misconduct, negligence, or excessive use of force. File a legal claim for compensation within two years of the death. Demonstrate the amount of your financial loss, such as the loss of the decedent’s income and the value of caregiving services that the decedent provided to you. How Police or Prison Guards May Cause Wrongful Deaths According to a database of nationwide fatal police shootings maintained by the Washington…

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