Worster on Child Statelessness & Customary International Law

William Thomas Worster (The Hague University of Applied Sciences – International Law) has posted The Presumption of Customary International Law: A Case Study of Child Statelessness on SSRN.  Here is the abstract: There is an increasing interest in the ethical design of robots. As evidence of this fact, one may refer to some recent reports1 and the European Parliament’s resolution on civil law rules on robotics. The latter will be the primary focus of this analysis since the EU Parliament is the first legal institution in the world to have initiated work of a law on robots and artificial intelligence. The European strategy on robotics seems affected by two main problems: an excessive emphasis on ethics at the expense of security, and more generally, a lack of awareness of the critical role played by the operation of striking a balance between competing interests. Balancing is pivotal to the interpretation and application of the law. And the current…

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