Word of the Month for September 2018: Ex continenti

Have you ever had the experience that you really, REALLY wanted to get away from someone?Maybe it was an ex spouse or boy/girlfriend. Maybe it is/was a former employer. Maybe it was a family member that just really rubbed you wrong and you're now just sick of dealing with him/her.As it turns out, today's story is just like that.  Seems this guy came into my library a while back.  Seems he was getting married in a short while.  The problem was that while Guy was infatuated with his soon-to-be wife, his dad was not.  In fact, dad had been bad-mouthing his soon-to-be wife so much that Guy was just sick of dad and wanted to be free of him.This brings us to our word of the month: Ex Continenti.  According to Black's Law Dictionary, Ex Continenti means:[Latin] Civil law.  Immediately; without any interval or delay.I like it – short and to the point – which is what Guy was looking to do (be rid of dad without delay).  I mean guy…

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