Word of the Month for January 2018: Process Server

Once upon a time, long before I became an omnipotent law Librarian, I was a process server.  I dodged bullets, cars, and swinging fists of fury and I learned pretty quick that people really don't like process servers.  They don't like them because most process servers are handing out bad news (i.e. you're being sued).  One time I had to server process on a police officer whose wife was divorcing him.  He hid behind his badge for weeks.  Finally, I was able to catch up to him and as I handed him the legal documents, he opened his car door to let his service dog out to attack me.  Luckily for me, his 3 year-old boy also jumped out of the car and he had to hold on to the dog as he watched me run away.So, what is a process server?  According to Black's Law Dictionary (10th Edition), a PROCESS SERVER is:A person authorized by law or by a court to formally deliver process to a defendant or respondent.In layman's terms,…

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