Woman Secures £35k in Clinical Negligence Claim

A woman has won her clinical negligence claim after she was released from a local hospital just eight hours after being admitted with a broken pelvis. The negligence claim was initiated at London’s High Court where the Judge ruled that she should receive £35,000 in clinical compensation for being prematurely discharged with a severe personal injury. The woman, who is from Wigmore in Kent, initiated the clinical negligence claim against Medway NHS Trust through her daughter as she had entirely lost the ability to walk independently following the negligent course of action taken by the NHS medical staff.

The woman, who had sustained the broken pelvis after falling near her home, was taken and submitted to the Accident and Emergency department of Medway Maritime Hospital in Gillingham. A mere eight hours afterwards, she was discharged having received only a prescription for painkillers. The women’s condition continued to deteriorate after her arrival back at her home. As time went by, she experienced a significant decrease in mobility and subsequently started to develop sores and ulcers.

During the clinical negligence claim hearing, the High Court in London was told that no instructions on how to appropriately manage woman’s condition were given by the medical staff at the hospital. The following month, she was admitted to a nursing home. At the High Court hearing, Judge Sweeney was appealed to by the expert the no win no fee clinical negligence claim solicitors representing the woman. They stated that she would still be living an independent and free life with full mobility had it not been for the negligent action of the doctors at the Medway Maritime Hospital. The solicitors requested that the Judge allow the clinical negligence claim as the woman had been forced to move into a second and more costly nursing home where higher levels of care would be provided.

Judge Sweeney happily found in favour of the woman and agreed that the doctors had been negligent in their premature release. He awarded her £35,000 in clinical negligence claim money and ordered the funds to be placed in a trust fund for her care.

The incident came to light at such a time when the NHS clinical negligence claim bill is sky-rocketing. At this stage, it’s uncertain whether or not this is as a direct result of the quality of work executed by medical professionals going down or if other, external economic factors are in play. An investigation is likely to be launched later this year but until then, members of the UK public are initiating clinical negligence claims for wrong-doings against them by the NHS.

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