Windle Turley: People are the most satisfying part of practice

Looking back on my 50-year legal career, there are so many lessons I’ve learned along the way. Here’s the short list of the things I wish I’d known while I was studying to become a lawyer: I wish I’d known that my grades and class rank would likely not determine my future beyond my first job and that the most satisfying part of my future practice would be people and not corporations. I wish I’d known that my people skills would be as important, if not more important, than my research and writing skills. I later learned that people would be the juice that would propel me my entire professional life. Without service to people, I would have most likely burned out and retired early. I wish I’d realized that upon graduation from law school and obtaining my law license, I’d be acquiring a power for change that only a tiny proportion of people on this earth possess. But I’d have to be willing to exercise some of that power…

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