Wi-Fi Security Check-Up

Millions of older devices remain vulnerable to a major wireless flaw. A 13 year old vulnerability in the widely used Wireless Protected Access II (WPA2) security protocol has left millions of wireless clients vulnerable to snooping. The vulnerability, which was revealed publicly in mid-October, allows thieves to stand between you and your router and intercept your digital communications. Even with vendors quickly releasing patches, some simple data security practices can help mitigate this and future headaches. Information security is a never ending game of cat and mouse: every safeguard to protect 1s and 0s will eventually be beat, and new safeguards will be needed to replace those that have been hacked. As time goes on, technology becomes more secure, and flaws that manage to persist through the fixes become more valuable to hackers and more destructive to users. Both proprietary and open source code is frequently taken apart and analyzed. When malicious actors discover a…

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