Why You Should Think Twice About Representing Yourself in a Divorce

All you know is you want out. When it comes to a bad marriage, that’s generally the chief objective. However, there is something important you should know. You really need to think twice about representing yourself in a divorce. Otherwise, the losses you suffer could far outweigh what you pay an experienced family law attorney in retainer fees. To begin with, if you decide to file for divorce without the assistance of an attorney, you are known as a pro se plaintiff. Meanwhile, if your spouse sues you for divorce and you represent yourself– you are a pro se defendant. Keep in mind that the latter does not necessarily imply that you decided to ignore the divorce complaint altogether. Failing to file an answer to a divorce complaint means that you figure you’ll just disregard it entirely. Frankly, that could result in consequences you won’t like at all. Why Hire Divorce Counsel The internet offers a plethora of forms for those who consider representing…

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