Why you should hire a Real Estate Attorney when buying a home?

Did you know that the most issues in real estate law come from a real estate sales contract? Many people come to our firm and ask the question: why should I hire a real estate attorney if I am buying or even selling a home? Well, the answer is that you while you may not need one, you should hire one because it provides extra assurance. The Real Estate Sales Contract Our firm has represented numerous clients throughout the years who have proceeded to purchase and/or sell a home without an attorney by their side. Don’t get me wrong, it’s 100% possible to purchase a home without an attorney. However, the real benefit of a knowledge real estate lawyer is to review the complex, lengthy real estate sales contract. The contracts that realtors use are written and designed by lawyers. Additionally, the realtors job and education is not based on educating their clients on contract law… this is the job of an attorney. Every attorney is required to go through education…

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