Why Was This Father’s College Tuition Obligation an Issue?

There’s no doubt that most parents feel some responsibility to ensure their children receive a good education. For those who decide to end their marriages, this often means negotiating payment for college at the time of the divorce. That said, you may want to know why one father had an issue with his college tuition obligation for his daughter. The Court of Appeals at Nashville decided Christy Keller Elrod Church v. Darrell Gene Elrod on March 25, 2019. The post-divorce petition involves multiple questions of law. Among them is interpreting the father’s financial responsibilities concerning college tuition payments. The background presented in the court’s opinion does not provide information as to when the couple’s marriage began. However, on August 20, 2002, they entered into an Agreed Order of Separation (“AOLS”). According to the AOLS, Darrell agreed to “pay college tuition and books for the parties’ minor children for up to…

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