Why Use a Lawyer?

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having lost a lot of money in your brokerage account, you may not be sure why it happened or you may suspect or know that it’s your broker’s fault. Assuming you become certain you have a valid claim – and how you do that is the subject for another article — you can pursue a recovery in arbitration. You have several options regarding representation.  You are free to represent yourself.  You can hire a non-attorney representative (which we’ll call an “NAR.”) Or you can do what most people do and hire an attorney. Rest assured that the investment firm and the broker will be represented by lawyers, and perhaps an entire team of lawyers if your losses are substantial.  More often than not, those lawyers defend that brokerage firm all over the country, fighting claims just like yours. The firm’s lawyers will be very familiar with the FINRA arbitration rules, and…

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