Why part-time law school still makes sense

My dad loves to remind me how he paid for his education.  He scrubbed toilets during college and worked as a punch card programmer to pay for law school.  He is making a point about hard work, but all I can hear is how great things used to be. Like my father before me, I attended law school part-time.  Like my father before me, I worked full-time and went to school at night.  Unlike my father, I have a ton of debt from law school. As the price of education has skyrocketed, the effectiveness of working to pay your way through school has dropped considerably. In theory, I could be Exhibit A on why part-time law school doesn’t make sense anymore. Instead, I’d argue that it is still an excellent path with real merit. The life of a part-time law student Monday through Friday are long days at the office.  Evening classes are a battle to stay awake and focus.  Weekends are the only chance to catch up on sleep and get some…

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