Why Office Style Matters to Clients

Think back to your first visit at a new dentist. What was on the walls? Were the chairs new? Was it clean? First impressions are important and they impact decision-making. In fact, studies show that humans make judgements in seconds. Because of people's propensity for snap decisions, a law office should showcase professionalism, individuality and competency as soon as someone steps in the front door. When a client shows up at your office, they come with assumptions and expectations. And aptitude is easily recognizable. Just like you wouldn't return to an unclean dentist's office or a restaurant with a filthy bathroom, potential clients will stay away from an unprofessional and uninviting law office. You should expect clients to weigh each office style decision you make, whether positive or negative. Does their analysis get you hired or call your expertise into question? Yes, the way you speak, the way you dress and how a client is met by reception are crucial to…

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