Why Did These Slip and Fall Accidents Happen at Work?

Truth be told, different types of injury claims call for different types of legal action. In fact, slip and fall accidents that happened at work can result in two types of cases. The circumstances of the incident dictate the prospect of making multiple claims. In most employment situations, your employer becomes first responsible for your work accident. New Jersey embraces a no-fault workers’ compensation approach to on-the-job injuries. This means your company or its insurance carrier pays for authorized medical treatment and a portion of lost wages in the form of temporary disability benefits. Meanwhile, you could also receive an award for partial or total permanent disability benefits. You should make sure you receive everything you are due by consulting with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. For some, the idea that you don’t have to prove fault may seem a bit of a trade-off. It’s quite challenging to bring a civil lawsuit against an…

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