Why Did My Personal Injury Lawyer Hire an Economist in My Case?

In many very serious personal injury lawsuits, the issue of economic loss – whether it be in the form of medical expenses, lost wages, lost fringe benefits, or lost government benefits such as Social Security – is the most important component in determining the value of a particular case.  While these cases also involve substantial amounts of “non-economic” loss (i.e., pain and suffering) to the accident victim, the amount of money that will be ripped from their pocket due to their injuries and resultant disability can be staggeringly high.  One of the most important differences between economic loss and non-economic loss in context of a personal injury lawsuit is the ease with which these losses can be quantified.  Non-economic loss is intangible, and it is often very hard to value a person’s pain and suffering with a finite dollar amount.  Economic loss, however, can be quantified down to the very last penny.  For this…

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