Why Dangerous Motorcycle Accidents Happen

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety – Highway Loss Data Institute – there were 5,172 motorcycle fatalities nationwide in 2017. Motorcycle accidents accounted for nearly one in seven vehicle fatalities in 2017. Unfortunately, it is not hard to understand why. While motorcycle riding is a great joy to many people and more affordable than driving a car or a truck, there are many known dangers. Less protection than cars and trucks The greatest problem with riding on a motorcycle is that when motorcycle accidents happen, it is more likely to be deadly than when four or greater-wheeled vehicles have accidents. The motorcycle driver or passenger simply does not have the protection that these other vehicles have. There is no hood to a motorcycle to protect the rider if the vehicle flips over. Motorcycles do not have a front hood or a rear to protect the riders from a head-on crash or a rear-end crash. There are no side doors to protect in case of a…

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