Why Accolades Matter

Recognition and appreciation go a long way in creating a successful career in the law. So why are some attorneys reluctant to tout their accomplishments? Feeling appreciated and awarded for your hard work lifts your spirits. Awards provide a source of pride and when turned into a tangible representation of dedication, they also give potential clients an additional reason to work with you. They can reassure legal consumers and provide an extra incentive for them to trust you as their attorney. Given the power of the Super Lawyers name, if you're a selectee, here are a couple reasons why it might be time to showcase your Super Lawyers or Rising Stars selections in the workplace. Third-Party Support Eighty-four percent of average customers rate their level of trust in a third-party attorney rating service as a three, four or five out of five, according to Thomson Reuters' 2018 Consumer Legal Needs Survey. The process of selecting attorneys to a Super Lawyers or Rising…

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