Who’s Liable for My Injuries in a Bus Accident?

Who’s Liable for My Injuries in a Bus Accident? Public transit is a great way to get around most cities without worrying about traffic or parking. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that you’re exempt from an accident. Buses crash as well, and these wrecks can be devastating. Who’s liable for your injuries in a bus accident? That will depend on the details of your accident, and often, that can be confusing. You’ll need help with your bus crash, but that can be overwhelming without help. Because it’s so difficult to determine liability, you’ll need an injury attorney on your side. Reach out if you’re struggling to find the person responsible for your pain. A bus crash is complex, so get help when you’re injured.   Employer Liability in Your Bus Wreck First, bus accidents aren’t like your typical car accident, where a driver is usually responsible for your damages. Instead, it’s important to remember that a bus…

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