Who will you call for help?

Michael Busby Are your marriage troubles still keeping you awake at night? Are you worried about how your life will be affected if you are divorced? Are you having thoughts that clearly indicate you are depressed? We know how you feel. Many of our clients felt like there was no way out of their situation…and that their life after a divorce would never be the same. There comes a point at which marital difficulties turn into something more serious than a common disagreement or mismatch of personality types. If things get worse and you see your relationship headed for divorce, you’ll need someone to represent you and to help ensure that the decisions regarding custody, spousal maintenance and division of property are truly in your best interest. Who will you call for help? That’s our job. It’s what we do. Help is only a call a way. To schedule a consultation, call us today at (713) 974-1151 or visit me on the web at busby-lee.com ABOUT THE AUTHOR…

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