Who pays off the credit card debt in a divorce?

Many people who are getting divorced in Phoenix are eager to separate themselves from their marital partner and move on to a happier, single life. Many clients come in with a mindset focused on how the division of property will go. But they are often uninformed as to how Arizona views splitting up a divorcing couple’s property. And while spouses may have an idea about who’s getting what—which car, what furniture, and even who keeps the pets– they may not realize their break up also involves dividing their debts, not just their assets.  State laws differ regarding dividing marital property in a divorce.  Arizona is one of only nine community property states. Community property states will classify a couple’s property into either marital/community property or separate property.Any assets acquired or earned by either spouse during the marriage are deemed to be marital/community property and legally-owned equally by both spouses. This…

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