Who loves ‘ya, baby?

We’re trained to see both sides of an issue and that’s good. It makes us better at our job. But building a successful law practice requires you to stand out from the herd. One way to do that is to choose sides on a controversial issue.Not politics or religion, although you could choose one of these if you’re willing to go all in. No, I’m talking about something less ideological. Something like reverse mortgages. I know someone whose parents got one and were happy until they spent all the proceeds buying things they didn’t need. It made the last few years of their life difficult and they became a burden on their kids who had to help out. It would be easy to demonetize reverse mortgages and use stories like this one to write and speak and warn people not to believe the hype.You could build an entire practice doing that. On the other hand, I’m sure there are many people who are perfectly happy with their decision to get a…

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