Who Is Ford Motor Credit Company, LLC?

Minnesotans have on average $113,455 in debt. Aside from a mortgage, the second most likely cause of debt in Minnesota is auto loans. Many of our St. Paul clients have purchased an automobile through Ford Motor Credit Company LLC. As a result, you may be receiving calls from this company and would like to know a little bit about them. If so, read on to find out more. Who is Ford Motor Credit Company LLC? Ford Motor Credit Company LLC (also referred to as Ford Motor Credit or Ford Credit) is a financial services division within Ford Motor Company. Like Ford Motor Company, it has headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan and services dealerships from across the country. It mostly provides auto loans to those buying new Ford and Lincoln vehicles, but also does some financing for leases. Founded in 1959, Ford Motor Credit Company employees more than 7.600 people. Ford is the last of the “Big Three” automakers located in metro  Detroit to maintain its own financial arm.…

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