Who asked Ali? Unsolicited, unrefined 1L advice from your Mental Health Coordinator

Hey, everyone! My name is Alessandra Fritz. I’m a 2L at UCI Law, where I founded the Mental Health in Law Society. I recently became your Law Student Division Mental Health Coordinator. I am so excited to advocate for the 120,000 law students around the country! I have a lot to share, so stay tuned for more tips coming your way. For instance, I plan to write an article covering various books on mental health in legal education and the legal profession. I know, more reading, yay, you ABSOLUTELY feel like you have time for that – but these are easy reads that will help open up new perspectives and, hopefully, give you a breath of fresh air. Now, it may be clear by now that I’m not going to write this article like a legal memo, so hopefully my stream-of-consciousness, casual style of writing is interesting enough to hold your attention. This summer, I had a chance to look back on my 1L year. I thought about things I wish I had really understood as I rode the wild…

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