Who are the homeless?

First, some facts for background and contextual information:A comparatively few number of people with mental illness commit acts of violence.The homeless problem is not due to the “de-institutionalization” of mental health patients.While de-institutionalization or the “shuttering of mental hospitals” did occur from the late 1950s into the 1960s, we should recall that,  “[f]ar from being therapeutic, many of these hospitals were warehouses in which, say, schizophrenics would live alongside epileptics. Patients were often abused and rarely rehabilitated. When drugs that could control the delusions and psychoses of major mental illnesses came along, they were seen as a cheaper and more humane alternative to long-term, inpatient psychiatric care.” [I won’t here address the myriad problems we’ve since discovered about such drugs, noting merely that they have not, on the whole, proved to be an alternative to different forms of…

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