Whistleblowers Vital to Eliminating Medicare Fraud

In a recent interview with the AARP, Attorney General Sessions took a strong stance against Medicare fraud. Sessions stated that it’s time to consider taking Medicare fraud as seriously as the war on drugs (certainly an issue Attorney General Sessions believes to be of paramount importance). Medicare fraud is a serious issue. It is estimated that 10% of Medicare funds are lost to fraud and waste, totaling approximately $16.2 billion. This suggests that billions of dollars, which should be directed to funding health care for our seniors, are instead going to fraudsters taking advantage of American taxpayers and the elderly. Whistleblowers are vital to eliminating Medicare fraud. They are best-situated to know about fraudulent and predatory practices. Chad Readler, the Acting Assistant Attorney General of the Justice Department’s Civil Division, has noted that “because those who defraud the government often hide…

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