While Montgomery County, MD, Fights to Provide Legal Aid to Immigrants, the DOJ Seeks to Remove It

Montgomery County is one of Maryland’s most diverse and populous jurisdictions, where on average three out of ten residents were not born in the United States. Council members are currently debating whether to implement a controversial proposal that would allocate nearly $400,000 from the county’s general fund to a non-profit that provides legal funds to immigrants in detention. The program would only be made available to Montgomery County residents who are facing deportation, have a household income well below the poverty line, and have not been convicted of any major crimes. Despite these limitations, as well as the county’s significant percentage of immigrants, council members are already expecting objections to the proposed plan. Hans Riemer, the Montgomery County Council President, defended the proposal by pointing out that “‘the federal government is targeting our residents and our communities’”, and emphasizing the need to…

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