Which Parent Can Claim the Children on their Taxes After a Divorce in Missouri?

Divorce is a difficult, often messy process that requires many tough decisions. Who will get which assets? Who will be responsible for which debts? Where will the children live, and how often will they see the other parent? The list of questions goes on and on. The question of child custody is one that every Kansas City divorce attorney knows well, and there is more to it than just where the children will live. Federal tax law states that the parent with whom a child primarily resides may claim that child on their taxes after a divorce as a dependent. The parties to a divorce may agree to a different arrangement, or a Missouri court may order that one parent have the right to claim the child. Either way, the arrangement must be compatible with state and federal law. Although Congress recently changed federal tax law in several important ways, this is an issue that must be addressed in every divorce case involving minor children. What Does It Mean to Claim a Dependent Child on…

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