Where is Ackah Law Located?

Immigration law is a federal law. We work with clients around the world – many whom we never even see. Our clients are coming to Canada or the United States from all over the world, so everything is done virtually and securely: by email, by Skype, by conference call, and by secure transmission of documents. Our location is not relevant to our ability to assist you. Even though we may not be in your country, we can assist you to move to Canada or the United States from wherever you are.  Ackah Business Immigration Law’s main office is in Calgary, Canada, and we also have offices in Toronto and Vancouver. CONTACT ACKAH BUSINESS IMMIGRATION LAW contact@ackahlaw.com Calgary: (403) 452‑9515 Vancouver: (604) 985‑9512 Toronto: (416) 643‑7177 North America: 1 (800) 932-1190     Where is Ackah Law Located? is from PanCanadian Immigration Law

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