When Your On the Job Injury is Weather Related: What Now?

There’s no doubt that many will remember the latest storm. At first, it seemed as though forecasters had missed the mark once again. By the end of the day, the combination of thunder, lightning, and snow seemed surreal. With certainty, this particular Nor’easter of “thundersnow” caused a number of weather-related on the job injuries. Most local Hudson County towns like Jersey City and Hoboken only had about six inches of snow. However, many heading out of city saw far more accumulation. Route 280 was a virtual parking lot for hours and saw a number of motor vehicle accidents. Meanwhile, multi-vehicle crashes occurred throughout the state. In fact, they are still are happening today. Back in 2014, the federal government estimated the number of incidents related to winter work accidents. In that year alone, there were 42,480 work injuries involved ice, sleet, or snow. Overexertion and bodily reactions are included in these statistics. It’s impossible…

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