When to Ask for a Spousal Support Modification

Either party can file a motion for an alimony modification by showing a substantial change in circumstances. This change will be measured against the circumstances that existed when the original alimony order was made. Changed circumstances can involve either the payor or the payee. You may seek to increase, decrease, or eliminate the current alimony payments. When Alimony May Be Increased As the alimony payee, you may seek an alimony increase in the following situations: The payor has experienced a substantial increase in financial resources You are experiencing a financial emergency You have lost your job Your living expenses have substantially increased A change in circumstances must be substantial. Ask your divorce attorney whether your financial situation has changed enough to warrant an alimony modification. Seeking an Alimony Decrease The payor can seek an alimony decrease in the following situations: Their expenses increase substantially They lose their job They suffer…

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