When inboxes attack: How to prioritize your legal emails

Q: I dread looking at my phone in the morning. Every day I am inundated with emails, usually from offices in an earlier time zone. The emails often contain random requests that don’t seem as if they would take much time, but they end up blowing up my mornings. Sometimes partners want me to find documents for them. Or people want status updates. I am a morning person, and I theoretically could do my best work in the morning, but I end up chasing down information. I try to get up earlier and earlier, but I can only get up so early. Help. A: It sounds as if you are at risk of the proverbial death by a thousand paper cuts. Here are some thoughts on maintaining control in the morning. Be selective. It sounds as if every email becomes your most important task every morning. Your reference to other time zones suggests that you may feel guilty about making people wait while you are sleeping. And you do want to be responsive. But you have to remember that other people will…

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