When a Supermarket Fails at Maintenance and Accident Prevention

It was an accident just waiting to happen. More than likely, you’ve heard those words and hoped they’d never apply to you. Unfortunately, the truth hurts. As an afterthought, you can’t help but wonder what happens when a supermarket fails at maintenance and accident prevention. When you walk into a grocery store or any retail outlet, you become a business invitee. As such, you should rightfully expect to enter premises without the risk of hazardous conditions. The property owner has a duty to look out for your safety. Within reason. Reasonable care represents a real standard when it comes to slip and fall accidents. It could involve giving the store manager or associates notice of a potentially dangerous condition. And, allowing them ample time to rectify the situation. Take for example this scenario. You walk into one of the local supermarkets in Jersey City, such as the Acme or Shop Rite. Admittedly, you’re juggling a few things as you attempt to…

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