When 5 + 3 = 1

COMMERCIAL PACKAGE POLICY – EMPLOYEE DISHONESTY COVERAGE – NUMBER OF OCCURRENCES – ANTI-STACKING PROVISION  Dan Tait, Inc. v. Farm Family Cas. Ins. Co.(Sup. Ct., Albany Co., 7/2/2018)Over a five-year period, plaintiff's former bookkeeper stole approximately $500,000 from his employer by: (1) making unauthorized purchases with company credit cards; (2) making unauthorized withdrawals from the company's line of credit; and (3) taking company inventory for personal use.  Plaintiff made a claim for employee dishonesty coverage to its commercial package insurer, Farm Family.Deeming the former bookkeeper's course of dishonest acts committed over multiple policy periods to constitute one "occurrence" under the language of the policy, Farm Family paid $15,000, representing the limit of the employee dishonesty coverage for one policy period.  Plaintiff sued.Under the subject policy, Farm Family agreed to…

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