What’s Working for Your Practice? Everything – or Just You?

If you’re like most lawyers, you just never have enough time in your days and weeks to step back and take the long view of your practice — where it’s going, what’s working well, what’s barely working, and what’s constantly in breakdown. So, because you’re so busy, you live with the “barely,” throw a quick fix at the breakdowns and burn the midnight oil to move your work. If that kind of practice is OK with you, congratulations, and welcome to heart attack city. But if it’s not, maybe you need to make time for taking that long view, with the goal of increasing your efficiency (and capacity), smoothing out the wrinkles and moving out of heart attack city. So here is a place to start. Ask yourself: Am I truly satisfied with everything — my team, my clients, my marketing and my personal income? If all isn’t perfect, what are your sore points? It’s time for a quiz to help you home in. Take This Quiz (Be…

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