What You Can Learn from the Britney Spears Saga

Hofstra Law Professor Joanna Grossman has taken a careful, scrutinizing look at the Britney Spears case and used it as a backdrop to discuss what everyone should know about family law cases in general and child custody cases in particular.  It is a very interesting read, and here are some of the lessons she discusses:

  • Courts, not Divorcing Parents, Ultimately Decide Custody
  • Parental Behavior Matters in Custody Battles
  • The Paparazzi Are Not the Only Ones Watching Your Every Move

Source:  "Britney Spears: Why She Lost Visitation Rights, and What Her Case Teaches Us About Family Law" by Joanna Grossman, published at FindLaw.  Thanks also to John E. Harding for his post about this article at his California Divorce Blawg.

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