What to Include in Your Separation Agreement

A separation agreement is a legal contract and can be enforced like any other contract. If you or your spouse violates the agreement, the other party can sue for damages.  You should fully understand what you are agreeing to before you sign a separation agreement. Some provisions, such as alimony waivers (discussed below) can involve permanently giving up legal rights. Consult with a divorce attorney before signing any separation agreement. Ask your attorney about each of the following provisions, if they apply to your situation. Alimony Provisions There are several different provisions you may include relating to alimony, including the following: How much alimony will be paid How long alimony payments will last Post-separation support (temporary alimony) Alimony waivers If you agree to waive alimony, you permanently give up your right to seek alimony. Even if you and your spouse reconcile, then get divorced years later, the alimony waiver remains in effect. So think…

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