What To Do Now If You Didn’t File Your Tax Return On Time

photocredit: Getty Tax Day was Monday, April 15, for most taxpayers (though taxpayers who live in Maine or Massachusetts have until April 17, 2019). Not every taxpayer who needed to file made it on time (I’m not counting those of you who filed for an extension since you’re still timely). What about you? Maybe your hard drive died, maybe you ate some bad fish, or maybe your dog ate your return. I’m not judging. The question isn’t so much “what happened?” but rather “what happens next?” Here’s what to do next if you didn’t get your tax return filed on time: Don’t panic. It won’t get you anywhere. Too many times, taxpayers completely freak out over a missed deadline and decide that there’s no point in filing now and decide to fix it later. Don’t be that taxpayer. Later might not come: Take a deep breath and fix it now. Double-check whether you needed to file in the first place. You…

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