What to Do About Overwhelming Business Debts & Cash Advances

Pay day is just around the corner and as a business owner, you know that your people need to get their wages. However, your clients have been slow to pay this month and you’re out of cash reserves in the bank. This is a pretty common stress when you’re a small business owner, and debts can quickly pile up even further, leaving you wondering where to turn or how you’re going to stay afloat. This is the type of person that cash advance loans target and appeal to. A cash advance loan sounds simple on principle: the company gives you a sizeable loan, sometimes even as high as $100,000 or more, and gets it to you sometimes in as little as 24 to 48 hours. In return, you agree to pay the loan off installments with interest, which can usually be done fairly quickly when you start getting those missing payments from clients. However, what you quickly find out is that your simple loan to make payroll carries a ludicrous interest rate and…

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