What Parents Must Know About Moving Out & Away

Divorce is known for being complicated and stressful, even when couples manage to have an amicable divorce. It’s understandable considering the number of financial matters that must be addressed, the change in residential status, and the issues revolving around property division and child custody. If you’re a parent who is getting a divorced, there’s a lot to consider, especially in regards to your living situation. Do you move out? Does your spouse move out? Do you both move out and put the house on the market? Do you take the kids and move in with your folks? Do you move back home to the East Coast? If you’re considering these types of options, you may not realize it but how, when, and where you move can be critical to your divorce, but it depends on your circumstances. Questions to ask yourself about your living situation: Do I want to move out alone? Do I want to stay in the family home with our children? Do I want to move…

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