What Not to Do When Terminating an Employee

Employers can substantially minimize the risk of wrongful termination litigation by ensuring that employees are treated fairly in the termination process. Here are the mistakes most often made by employers in the termination process and what to do instead. Lying about the reason for termination. Employers often make the mistake of providing the employee with a reason for the termination that later proves to be false. Treating the employee more harshly than others. It’s a mistake to terminate an employee for poor performance or misconduct when other employees haven’t been terminated in similar circumstances. Basing termination on minor or extraneous issue. Terminating the employee for a reason that is trivial or unrelated to the needs or goals of the business is usually a mistake. Breaking employer’s own policy. Employers should never terminate an employee in violation of company termination or discipline policies. Breaking the law. It’s always…

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