What Is The Washington Division Of Child Support?

This post has been updated. So you went through a divorce and custody hearing. It was long, it was tough, but you got primary guardianship. And the court awarded you regular child support. These payments are designed to provide for the continuing care of minor children after a split. Getting them awarded is one thing, but too often, compelling your ex to pay them is another. One key tool for enforcing these orders is the Washington Division of Child Support. What Is ‘The Washington Division Of Child Support’? A part of the Economic Services Administration, itself a part of the Department of Social and Health Services, the Washington Division of Child Support has a simple aim. And that is to aid parents in collecting and paying court-ordered child support. By facilitating these payments, they hope to “help parents contribute to brighter futures for their children.” How Does It Work? In seeking to ensure the best for young people, the Washington Division…

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