What is the Universal Franchisee Bill of Rights?

If you have been looking for information about your rights as a franchisee online, you may have come across something called the, “Universal Franchisee Bill of Rights.” While this sounds promising, unfortunately, it does not actually grant you any rights as a franchisee. As stated by the Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA): “This Universal Franchisee Bill of Rights is a fairness doctrine. It has been developed by franchisees in multiple systems and industries to identify the basic terms of fairness that are missing in their franchise agreements, and [that] must be restored to ensure the success and growth of the[ir] franchise systems.” In other words, rather than providing franchisees with legal protections, the Universal Franchisee Bill of Rights reflects protections that are absent from most franchise relationships. As a result, reviewing the Bill of Rights is not an exercise in understanding how you are protected, but rather in understanding…

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