What is the Legal Drinking Age in Texas?

The 1984 Minimum Drinking Age Act requires states to prohibit individuals younger than 21 from purchasing alcohol or possessing it publicly. If a state doesn’t set the minimum drinking age at 21, the state is not eligible to receive state highway funds. However, some states have set exceptions regarding alcohol use and possession in a private residence or while in the care of a parent. As an example, someone who is underage can consume alcohol and possess it if they are with a guardian or a parent while in the State of Texas. Texas Laws for Underage Drinking In the State of Texas, minors who attempt to buy alcohol, who possess alcohol, or who drink alcoholic beverages, as well as those who are underage and are intoxicated in public, or minors who lie about their age in order to buy alcoholic beverages, will be charged criminally with a Class C misdemeanor. What are the penalties for being found guilty of a Class C misdemeanor in Texas?  A fine as high as $500 30 to…

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