What Is Aviation Law?

Aviation law is a set of rules and regulations set by the government that regulates the operation of aircraft and airports across the country.  These rules are very intricate and are designed to protect pilots, passengers, and the general public from aviation accidents.  There are two main agencies that are responsible for these laws.

The NTSB, or National Transportation Safety Board, is responsible for investigating all aviation accidents.  This board is designed to handle suits filed against the FAA as well as to propose changes to aviation laws that will improve safety for pilots, workers, and passengers.  While the NTSB does not have the power to enforce their findings, legislators have a strong history of following them, partially due to the agency’s ongoing reputation for fair and thorough investigations.

The FAA is the other agency that creates a large part of aviation law.  The FAA is designed to regulate all aviation standards and safety laws.  The agency has the power to enforce all regulations as well as to revise regulations in order to create a safer environment for travel.  The FAA is a part of the Department of Transportation of the United States Government.

If you are involved in an aviation accident, both of these agencies will investigate the accident.  Contacting an aviation attorney will help to protect your rights and will help ensure that you are kept abreast of any findings related to your crash.  Your attorney will help to determine if the pilots, mechanics, airlines, or even governing agencies are responsible for your crash and can help you recover damages for physical and emotional injuries suffered as a result of your crash.

Your attorney will be very experienced when it comes to the rules surrounding aviation law, which means that they will be able to provide you with much assistance.  Your lawyer will help to ensure that the accident is investigated thoroughly and that any responsible party is brought to light.  This can prove greatly beneficial to any victim seeking to be compensated for medical expenses or lost wages.

When you decide to contact an aviation attorney, you should be prepared to answer any questions fully and honestly.  Your compliance with your attorney can help your case move forward quickly and can help your lawyer work to preserve and uphold your rights.  Aviation law can be confusing and complicated, but with a qualified attorney on your side, you can work to protect yourself and your rights.

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